John Clerico

Co-founder and Chairman Portfolio Manager

John brings a powerful background and expertise to ChartMark. With over 30 years of corporate finance experience, John has accomplished what few executives have by becoming one of the key decision makers at several fortune 500 companies including Praxair, Union Carbide, Conoco and Phillips Petroleum. By holding CFO positions at such high profile companies, he has a well-developed insight into identifying and valuing attractive, publicly traded securities; an insight that is essential for portfolio management and rarely, if ever, possessed by other investment advisors. In addition, working on the "opposite side" of Wall Street analysts, gives him a competitive advantage in assessing potential investor behavior relative to a given company. Furthermore, John's vast management experience places ChartMark in a superior, strategic position to that of its peers. John's focus is on day-to-day portfolio management and strategic direction for our firm. 

Mr. Clerico is a member of the Board of Directors of Community Health Systems, Inc. and
serves as an audit committee financial expert for the Board’s Audit and Compliance
Committee. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Educational Development
Corporation and serves on its audit (chair), compensation, executive, and nomination and
corporate governance (chair) committees. 

Phone (918) 477-7685