Our Services

Investment Management
While our primary role is investment management, we believe it is essential to coordinate our clients' investment strategies with their overall financial situation. We prefer to meet in person with our clients before implementing any investment strategy. In addition, we offer to meet with their attorneys or accountants to determine their current circumstances and goals. Traditional money managers take a focused approach; they often manage portfolios according to a limited number of investment objectives and do not become involved in other aspects of their clients' finances usually relying on an intermediary to do the consulting work. We fundamentally believe that investment management and client goals are inextricably linked and thus should be managed together. We obtain detailed information about our clients' assets, liabilities, income and expenses. We discuss their short- and long-range goals, assess their tolerance for risk and develop a coordinated investment strategy.

Financial Planning
It seems logical to assume that before one would begin construction of a house there would be a blueprint to guide the process. Unfortunately many investors assemble their portfolios in a piecemeal fashion by selecting products touted by salesmen, newspaper ads or magazine articles. ChartMark offers an alternative to this type of "planning". We can provide the client with their choice of two types of financial plans; a quick evaluation of their current financial position or an in depth analysis. When either option is chosen we work with our clients to develop a written plan which sets goals and provides benchmarks. These plans can be used in conjunction with our portfolio management offering or on their own. 

Portfolio Management
Discretionary management of individual securities portfolios is our specialty. Once the investment strategy has been agreed upon within the context of your overall financial situation, we implement the strategy by managing your portfolio on a daily basis. We evaluate, select and acquire securities based on our pre-determined criteria (see our investment strategy section for details).

Qualified Retirement Plan Solution, ie., 401(k) & 403(b) Plans
Our qualified retirement plan solution provides employers and participants a comprehensive plan management system. Our team of professionals servicing the plan will handle every aspect of your retirement plan from recordkeeping to monitoring investment performance.