Our Principles



We seek a long term mutually rewarding relationship with each of our clients. Your goals become our goals, your needs become our needs and your success becomes our success. We seek to become your primary financial advisor and trusted partner. Such relationships are developed over time as we learn about your individual needs. We seek to earn your trust by providing exceptional customer service, state-of-the-art performance reporting and a live voice on the other end of the phone. We will individually walk you through the planning and investment process from beginning to end.


Once goals are set and adequate risk management strategies are in place, we seek to maximize the long-term return on investments by focusing on equities. ChartMark's investment philosophy is to seek out and acquire core equity holdings in publicly traded companies it believes to have superior performance potential relative to their peers and the broad market over a three to five year market cycle. The portfolio will generally contain 20 to 30 securities diversified across various sectors and market capitalizations. Our investment selection process combines aspects of value and growth investing by incorporating top-down, bottom-up and technical research into our analysis. 


Trust is the foundation of all productive relationships. Trust is developed over time as we work with you. The planning process we take our clients through cultivates such trust. Sound planning is the foundation of all successful wealth creation strategies. Our philosophy is predicated on the basic economic principle that all resources should be allocated to their most valued use. Your time, unique expertise and financial capital should be used effectively. To this end, we believe in creating written financial plans and investment policy statements. We take into account your prioritized goals and time frames along with your current and potential financial resources. We then structure your balance sheet and asset allocation plan to accommodate risk management and your short-term funding needs with the intention of carving out the maximum amount of capital possible to invest for long term growth.